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Springdale Arkansas Ornamental Steel Fencing

Whatever your requirements, we will find the right fence for your Springdale Arkansas home or business. Get a durable, strong ornamental steel fence from the pros at Thomas Fence.

Ornamental steel fences are an attractive, durable choice for residential or commercial property owners. Whether you need a decorative fence that looks beautiful, or a security fence that protects your property, ornamental steel fencing can meet your needs.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Key Features

The key features of ornamental steel fencing offer strength and security, while providing clear views of your property.

Our ornamental steel posts are available in a range of gauges to provide the optimal level of strength for your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Combining both strength and beauty, they add an attractive accent to your property while also providing protection.

Depending on the style you choose, ornamental steel fences are installed with 2 rails, 3 rails, or 4 rails. High-quality and durable, they have a powder-coated finish that provides exceptional protection against rust and corrosion.

Our pickets are manufactured with ProFusion welding technology, which hides the hardware and creates a strong, sleek, finished look. Our pickets also have the same powder-coated finish that our rails do so that they are protected from the elements.

key features of Ornamental Steel fencing in Springdale Arkansas

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Ornamental Steel Fence Advantages

Many Springdale Arkansas property owners desire ornamental steel fencing because of its unique combination of strength and beauty.

example of a Aluminum privacy fence in Springdale Arkansas

Ornamental Steel Fences Are Elegant

When you want an elegant, attractive fence, nothing compares to ornamental steel. Its black powder-coated finish provides a sleek, beautiful fence that is also durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, meaning it will keep its timeless appearance for years to come.

Ornamental Steel Fences Are Strong

Ornamental steel fences are manufactured to be extremely durable, so they are an excellent choice for use in areas with extreme weather conditions or in yards that have active children or pets. Ornamental steel fences are up to the task of providing exceptional protection, while still looking amazing!

Ornamental Steel Fences Are Maintenance Free

Ornamental steel fences have a powder-coated finish that prevents rust, corrosion, and deterioration. It will not peel, flake, or chip and should not to be power washed or recoated during its lifetime.

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Yes! Ornamental steel fences are available in various heights, depending on your needs. You can add decorative touches to your fence by choosing from a selection of post caps and accessories.

Ornamental steel fences are an excellent choice for pool enclosures, since they are resistant to rust and corrosion and require no maintenance. Ornamental steel fences also allow for full visibility so that you can see exactly what is happening at all times.

The price of your ornamental steel fence will vary based on the style and design you choose. We offer free quotes! Call our amazing team or contact us via our online form and we will be happy to explain our process and schedule an in-person appointment. For a quick and easy estimate for your ornamental steel fence, check out our Instant Fence Quote tool.


We recommend that you consider all of your needs and requirements before focusing primarily on price. There are many inexperienced, unprofessional fence companies that cut corners, use cheap materials, and do not guarantee their work regardless of what their so-called warranty says. We are not like them!

We understand that your ornamental steel fence must be able to stand up to high winds, extreme weather, and wear and tear from employees, pets, children, landscaping companies, and more. You cannot simply look at price when you are selecting the fence that can handle all of these demands while protecting what is most important to you.

Because of the way ornamental steel fences are manufactured, they are extremely strong and durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and climates, making them an ideal choice for many home and business owners.

Absolutely! Our ornamental steel fences are protected by a lifetime warranty for residential properties. Additionally, we offer a 1-year workmanship warranty so that you can rest easy. We stand behind our work!

Ornamental Steel Fence FAQs

Get the answers to our most popular ornamental steel fence questions from our customers in the Springdale Arkansas area!

Ornamental Steel fence FAQs in the Springdale Arkansas area

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