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Regardless of the type of gate you choose, our strong, durable gates will enhance and protect what matters to you most.

A fence is only as secure as its gate! That's why it's important to choose a gate that not only looks great, but will stand the test of time at your Springdale Arkansas property. No matter what type of fence you choose, we make sure your gates are strong by only working with the most reputable manufacturers in the industry and utilizing our craftsmanship skills to build super strong gates.

We also offer extra strong metal-framed wood gates backed by a lifetime guarantee to ensure that your fence gate continues to function perfectly over time and avoid the sagging issues that wood gates often have over years of use. If you choose our optional metal-framed wood gate upgrade, we provide a lifetime warranty for you on the metal frame and hinges - that's how much we care about the quality of our work and your peace of mind!

Fence Gates Key Features

While fence posts are what matters most to keep your fence strong and straight for its lifetime, it's your gate posts that need to be even stronger to hold the extra weight and motion of your gate - that's why we use larger, heavy-duty posts for every gate installation.

For a stronger, longer-lasting wood gate, choose a steel framed gate! At Thomas Fence we offer metal framed gates in multiple options to help prevent your gate from sagging or breaking. Talk to our fence professionals to find out more about our LIFETIME Gate, warrantied against any sagging or warping!

Our gate latches and hinges are an important piece of your properly working gate. That's why we use high-quality hardware that is built to withstand the weather and the weight of your gate to keep it opening and closing properly!

key features of fence gates in Springdale Arkansas

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When you have questions or are looking for information to get started on your fence project, our team is glad to help! Simply reach out by phone or our online form, and get the answers you need!

Fence Gates The Benefits

Here are some reasons why property owners benefit from strong fence gates from Thomas Fence in Springdale Arkansas!

example of a wood fence gate in Springdale Arkansas

Fence Gates are Secure

Installing a solid fence gate with your new fence is the difference between a secured property and an unprotected one. With a secure fence gate, intruders cannot enter your space without breaking or scaling it, which is a great deterrent and one that can keep your family and pets safe inside.

Fence Gates are Decorative

Use your fence gate as an added enhancement to your fence design and appearance by opting for a decorative style to match your unique taste and property. You can design your fence gate with flourishes in traditional or modern looks based on what you like best.

Fence Gates are Convenient

A proper fence gate in the perfect size and location within your fence creates the convenient access you need to get where you're going. Gates can be placed on multiple sides of your fence, or just one main location. You can choose double swing gates or single and adjust the width of the gate opening for walking or driving through.

We can use any material that we carry, including ornamental steel, chain link, vinyl, and wood, to construct your fence gate to your specifications.

Absolutely! We know that some of our customers need double gates for easy passage of lawn equipment, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, and other large vehicles. Our friendly staff can help you to design your fence and gates to make sure it's functional and secure to meet your needs.

We sure can! The pros at Thomas Fence can walk you through the design and selection process so that we can install the proper gates to accommodate your needs.

Here are some typical gate options you will need to consider for a new fence installation.

  • Single/Standard Gates: This single-door gate is usually the same height as the rest of the fence and has one swinging door, which is typically only big enough for one person to walk through. This gate should be reinforced to keep it from sagging and warping, and the latch system should be strategically placed.
  • Double Gates: While many people opt for a standard gate to allow guests to walk through, they often like to have an additional double gate to allow easy entry for larger items, such as lawn maintenance equipment or recreational vehicles.
  • Drive Gates: Residential driveway gates add a stunning entry to the property and can be installed with automatic openers. Commercial properties often require secure access entry and the extra security will protect your employees and assets.
  • Pool Gates: Although gates and fences can be decorative, their main purpose is to provide security and keep your family safe. When considering a gate for your pool area, keep in mind that many municipalities already have regulations in place, and the experts at Thomas Fence will ensure that your pool gate will meet those requirements.

We're proud to offer our optional Lifetime Guaranteed Gates that boast extra heavy-duty posts and a heavy-duty frame. We use custom-welded 1½" galvanized square tubing to reinforce your wood gate so that it will not sag or warp, and we guarantee it for the life of your fence. This type of reinforcement also works well for gates built on slopes.

Many of our residential and commercial clients choose to have more than one gate for various reasons. You may want to consider more than one gate to allow for extra access points to your property, or you might also need a separate, wider entry point for automobiles, recreational vehicles, access for lawn care equipment, or for leisure activities.

Although gates and fences can certainly be decorative, one of their main purposes is to provide security and keep your family safe. When considering a gate for your pool area, keep in mind that many municipalities have regulations in place that require a gate that meets very specific requirements for pool safety. The experts at Thomas Fence will ensure that your pool gate will meet those requirements.

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