You may be interested in a wood fence for a variety of reasons including its ability to provide excellent privacy while maintaining a natural design that blends well with many landscapes. Wood fencing is a traditionally popular and classic choice for many homeowners. However, with all of the fence material choices available, including vinyl fences, ornamental steel, and chain link fences, you might be interested in evaluating and comparing these with a wood fence. 


Thomas Fence is a leading Springdale, AK fence company and is happy to shed some light on the subject of wood fencing. We are sharing the pros and cons of wood fencing to help you make an educated decision for your next fencing project. 

Are Wood Fences Strong?

While wood fences are known to be strong and durable, these factors depend on the quality of the specific materials being used as well as the installation techniques. It’s important to get the facts from your Springdale, AK fence company about their process before installation to ensure that your wood fence is strong, durable, and functional. You can trust a highly-rated fence company like Thomas Fence to deliver customer satisfaction when it comes to the following conditions that should be met to ensure your wood fence is strong enough to do its job: 

Installing Wood Fence Posts Properly

If the fence posts are not set correctly, the integrity of the fence will suffer. As an expert Northwest Arkansas residential fence contractor, we have set thousands of posts. Despite the rocky soil in the Springdale, AK area, Thomas Fence makes sure to meet and exceed the standards for depth to make sure the posts are as strong as possible. You can rest assured that we will provide you with a strong foundation for your wood fence.

Use of High-Quality Wood Fencing Material

Low-budget fence companies often make use of low-quality wood in order to cut costs on their projects. Major box store chains carry this lower-quality wood that is less dense, has imperfections, and is weaker than high-grade wood. If your fence is constructed from this low-quality wood, it will deteriorate more quickly, will not hold up over time, and will be more likely to warp and twist. Thomas Fence is proud to offer treated pine and cedar wood fencing. 

Properly Fastening Fence Boards

Another way some low-budget stores and companies slash prices is by using unsuitable hardware. Your wood fence pickets and rails need to be fastened with exterior-grade hardware in order to preserve your fence’s strength and integrity. We take special care to make sure our pickets are held in place with the best option for nails, ensuring your fence will be stable and strong.


If you use a reputable Northwest Arkansas fencing contractor like Thomas Fence, you can be confident that your wood fence is as strong and durable as possible. 

Can Wood Fences Handle the Arkansas Climate? 

Arkansas weather conditions can be extreme, ranging from high humidity to hurricanes to snow and everything in between. Choosing a fence that can handle various weather conditions is important. If installed correctly, wood fences will hold up as well as other fence types. If you compare the cost of wood fences to aluminum and vinyl, wood is generally more affordable. This makes it a great choice for many homeowners and business owners. However, wood does break down more quickly than other fence materials, so proper maintenance is essential if you want it to hold up through the years.

Popular Wood Fence Styles in Springdale, Arkansas

One of the best qualities of wood fences is that they can be customized to reflect your style. They’re available in many different designs and you can see many of the styles we offer on our wood fence page. Choose from several top rail styles, a wide array of paint and stain options, and custom height in order to further customize your wood fence. As a top Northwest Arkansas residential fence provider, we have found the styles listed below to be quite popular: 


Photo of a wood picket fence in Northwestern, AK

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences are one of the most popular styles available in Springdale, AK, and the surrounding areas. If you need a good-looking fence for a garden, front yard, or pool. Be sure to contact our fence installers before you choose wood fencing for your pool enclosure to make sure that it meets all local pool codes. 


Photo of a Post and Rail wood fence in northwestern Arkansas

Post and Rail Wood Fences

Post and rail fences, commonly seen on farms or bordering large plots of land are an affordable fencing option for any large space. They provide a nice, rustic property border for those looking to mark their property line clearly.


Photo of a shadowbox wood fence in northwestern Arkansas

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox wood fences are semi-private. They are an attractive and functional option for neighbors who are dividing a shared property line. They look identical from either side, making them the ideal “good neighbor” fence. 


Photo of a stockade wood privacy fence in northwestern Arkansas

Standard Privacy Wood Fences

One of the most common styles of wood fences is the privacy or stockade fence. This full-privacy style is available as board-on-board, traditional stockade, or even with modern horizontal pickets. A wood privacy fence is optimal for spaces that need to be secure and enclosed. Thomas Fence also offers custom top finishes including french gothic pickets, convex, concave, dog ear, or cap and trim to finish off your fence with a unique style.

Learn More About Our Wood Fences

To get more information, see our available styles, and find answers to your questions, check out our wood fence page on our website. We use pressure-treated pine and cedar for our wood fences and we offer a 1-year workmanship warranty so you can be assured that your wood fence will be high-quality and durable. These are just a few of the many reasons we are a leading Springdale, AK fence company! 

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